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L' usine de liquefaction de Gaz flottante PRELUDE

Publié : 22 sept. 2012, 12:30
par energy_isere
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Shell to Build the World's First Ever Floating LNG Plant

Sept 20 , 2012

For more than a decade the natural gas industry has been looking for a way to move LNG onto barges at sea in order to avoid the escalating costs of onshore plants. Royal Dutch Shell has just taken the first step to realising that goal by placing an order for the first ever floating LNG plant.

The vessel, called Prelude, will be the largest in the world, weighing six times more than the largest aircraft carrier, and measuring more in length than the Empire State building is in height. The huge ship will be built in Korea and then moved to the north-west coast of Australia, where it will provide a cheaper option to onshore LNG plants there. The project is expected to cost Shell around $13 billion, but that is far less than the $20 billion that it costs to typically build an onshore facility.


When they approved the project last year, Shell estimated that Prelude will produce about 3.6 million metric tons of LNG and 1.3 million tons of gas condensate a year, and cost about $3 - $3.5 billion per million tons of LNG produced.

............. ... Plant.html

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Publié : 14 nov. 2012, 19:02
par energy_isere
J' en fait un fil dédié, car c' est un projet interessant, qui ouvre la voie à d' autre plate forme de ce style dans les années à venir.

Méga projet d'ingénierie.

La news est que le premier morceau de tole de 7.6 tonnes a été découpé et marque le début concret du projet. C 'est dans le chantier naval Sud Coréen de Samsung Heavy Industries.

En tout il y aura 260 000 tonnes d'acier à découper et assembler !

Au plus fort du chantier il y aura 5000 personnes la dessus.

Je rapelle que le client et utilisateur est SHELL, et ca servira en offshore en Australie.

Shell: Construction Begins on Prelude FLNG, South Korea

09 Nov 2012

Shell celebrated the cutting of first steel for the game-changing Prelude floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) facility’s substructure with joint venture participants, Inpex and KOGAS, and lead contractor, the Technip Samsung Consortium, at Samsung Heavy Industries’ Geoje shipyard in South Korea.

Shell’s Projects & Technology Director Matthias Bichsel commented: “We are cutting 7.6 tonnes of steel for the Prelude floating liquefied natural gas facility today, but in total, more than 260,000 tonnes of steel will be fabricated and assembled for the facility. That’s around five times the amount of steel used to build the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Today’s ceremony marks a major milestone in this project, when the innovative thinking and new technology and engineering solutions which will make FLNG possible begin to be realised.”

When completed, the Prelude FLNG facility will be 488 metres long and 74 metres wide, making it the largest offshore floating facility ever built. When fully equipped and with its cargo tanks full, it will weigh more than 600,000 tonnes. There will be over 3,000 kilometres of electrical and instrumentation cables on the FLNG facility, the distance from Barcelona to Moscow.

“Making FLNG a reality is no simple feat,” Matthias continued. “Shell is uniquely positioned to make it a success given our commercial capability; our LNG, offshore, deepwater and marine technology; and our proven ability to successfully deliver megaprojects.”

In order to meet the world’s growing energy demand, bringing new supplies to market is critical. The Prelude FLNG facility will be deployed in Australian waters over 200 kilometres from the nearest point on the coast. It will produce gas at sea, turn it into liquefied natural gas and then transfer it directly to the ships that will transport it to customers.

An expert team from Shell will manage the multi-year construction of the FLNG facility to ensure the Prelude project’s critical dimensions of safety, quality, cost and schedule are delivered. Strategic partners Technip and Samsung Heavy Industries (the Technip Samsung Consortium) along with SBM and hundreds of suppliers and contractors around the world are all contributing valuable knowledge, skills and equipment to help make the project a success. At peak levels, around 5,000 people will be working on the construction of the FLNG facility in South Korea; and another 1,000 will build the turret mooring system, subsea and wells equipment in other locations across the globe.

In the lead up to the facility being ready to start production, a number of actions will take place, such as drilling the production wells, installation of subsea flowlines and risers and mooring chains to prepare for the arrival of the FLNG facility.

Prelude FLNG is the latest in a line of Shell achievements in developing new technologies for the oil and gas industry, reinforcing its leadership in technology and innovation. This is the first of what Shell expects to be multiple Shell FLNG projects. ... elude.html

Once operational, the Prelude FLNG facility will produce at least 5.3 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) of liquids: 3.6 mtpa of LNG, 1.3 mtpa of condensate and 0.4 mtpa of LPG. ... therlands/

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Publié : 14 déc. 2012, 13:25
par energy_isere
Le Gaz Naturel Liquéfié Flottant (FLNG) promis à un bel avenir

14 Dec 2012 enerzine

Afin de développer des compétences fortes dans le domaine des unités de GNL flottant (FLNG), Shell Gas&Power Developments (Shell) et le consortium Technip Samsung (TSC) ont annoncé jeudi la signature d'un protocole d'accord visant à renforcer leur collaboration.
en entier : ... enir+.html

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Publié : 02 avr. 2013, 20:18
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EXXON allié avec BHP Billiton Ltd veut faire aussi une plate forme de Gaz flottante comme Shell.
Ca serait pour le champs offshore de Scarborough dans l' Ouest de l' Australie.
Décision finale à prendre evers 2014-2015.

Exxon Plans World's Biggest Floating Gas-Export Plant
Exxon's proposed facility would produce between 6 million and 7 million metric tons of liquefied natural gas, or LNG, a year for several decades. The Scarborough resource was discovered in 1979 and is estimated to hold up to 10 trillion cubic feet of gas--equal to more than a third of the U.S.'s annual gas consumption.

Early design work would begin next year, ahead of a final investment decision in 2014-15, Exxon said in a filing to the federal government's environment department. A Melbourne-based spokeswoman for Exxon wasn't available for comment Tuesday. A BHP spokeswoman couldn't immediately comment.


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Publié : 28 juin 2013, 20:36
par energy_isere
The world’s first floating LNG plant taking shape: Shell

Le projet de Shell avance bien.
Shell said the development of the world’s first ever floating LNG project is taking shape, with the company confident production will begin in 2016.

Prelude asset manager, Jim Marshall, said the project was progressing as planned.

“The project is progressing to schedule and we are really seeing activity ramping up at locations around the world,” he said.

The project is set to bring together engineering feats from across the globe.

The sub structure of the project is being pieced together in South Korea, the turret for the project is being constructed in Dubai, while steam roller facilities were recently completed in Japan.

Closer to home, Perth based contractor Pressure Dynamics has delivered three hydraulic power units, while Shell recently awarded the construction and design contract for the Darwin onshore supply base to Western Australian Company Decimal.
La photo dans le lien donné n' a rien à voir avec ce veux faire Shell. #-o

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Publié : 03 déc. 2013, 20:42
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La coque de l' usine de liquefaction Prelude à été mise à l' eau !
Ca c' est passé au dock de Samsung en Korée du Sud.
Shell Floats Hull for Prelude FLNG Vessel

03 Dec 2013 Rigzone News

Royal Dutch Shell reported Tuesday that the 1,600-foot hull for its Prelude floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) facility has been floated out of the dry dock at Samsung Heavy Industries' yard in Geoje, South Korea. Once completed, the Prelude FLNG facility will be the largest floating vessel ever built - although Shell is reportedly already planning an even bigger FLNG unit.

The Prelude FLNG project is scheduled to begin production in 2017. Located at the Prelude gas field, some 300 miles offshore Western Australia, it will extract gas from a field estimated to contain approximately three trillion cubic feet and convert it to LNG. Shell expects the project to produce around 3.6 million tons of LNG per year.

Shell's FLNG approach will allow it to produce LNG at sea before transferring it directly to ships that will transport the LNG to customers. This will enable the development of gas resources that would be regarded as "stranded" when using traditional methods of getting these resources to market, from clusters of small remote fields to large, stranded gas fields.

Commenting on Tuesday's announcement, Shell Projects & Technology Director Matthias Bichsel said in a company statement:

"Making FLNG a reality is no simple feat. A project of this complexity – both in size and ingenuity – harnesses the best of engineering, design, manufacturing and supply chain expertise from around the world.

"Getting to this stage of construction, given that we only cut the first steel a year ago, is down to the expert team we have ensuring that the project's critical dimensions of safety, quality, cost and schedule are delivered."

Shell is the operator of Prelude FLNG in joint venture with INPEX (17.5 percent), KOGAS (10 percent) and OPIC (five percent). ... LNG_Vessel

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Publié : 05 déc. 2013, 20:49
par energy_isere
et le voila en photo :
Shell met à l’eau la coque du plus grand navire au monde

05 Nov 2013 Usine Nouvelle

La coque du plus grand navire au monde a été mise à l’eau en Corée. Elle servira à un projet gazier de Shell en Australie à partir de 2016.


Le 30 novembre dernier, Samsung Heavy Industries a mis à l’eau la coque de la future plateforme géante de Shell, à Geoje en Corée. Les mensurations sont impressionnantes : 600 000 tonnes, 468 mètres de long, 74 mètres de large, 110 mètres de haut. A titre de comparaison, le porte-avion français Charles de Gaulle affiche un "modeste" 261,5 mètres de long pour 64 mètres de large. Si la coque était redressée (ce qui ne serait pas forcément souhaitable !), elle s’élèverait plus haut que la tour Eiffel, que les Petronas Tower à Kuala Lumpur ou que l’Empire State Bulding.

Usine à gaz flottante

Cette coque va maintenant recevoir ses équipements, conçus par le français Technip. Il s’agit de bâtir une usine flottante de liquéfaction de gaz (FLNG, Floating Liquefied Natural Gas). Ancrée à plus de 400 kilomètres des côtes australiennes, ce navire pourra extraire du gaz naturel, le traiter, le stocker et en charger des méthaniers. Sa capacité de production sera de 3,5 millions de tonnes de gaz liquéfié par an. Il doit être opérationnel en 2016. Une telle installation permet d’aller exploiter des champs d’hydrocarbures très éloignés des côtes sans avoir à bâtir de coûteuses infrastructures de transport. ... de.N223940

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Publié : 05 déc. 2013, 22:10
par energy_isere
on voit mieux :


source : ... 443338.htm

vue arriére, avant le lancement, dans le radoubs mis en eau :

Image ... 5_00399241

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Publié : 08 févr. 2014, 14:01
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Time-lapse trés interessant (une minute) sur la sortie du dock du Prelude : ... est-vessel

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Publié : 20 févr. 2014, 20:15
par energy_isere
Des news de Prelude.
Ca à l' air de bien se passer puiqu' il n' est pas cité de retards.
Shell Australia FLNG Project Takes Shape

February 20, 2014 rigzone News

Shell Australia has confirmed that the Prelude floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) project in the Browse Basin off Western Australia is on track to be a producer of enough gas to meet the annual demand in Hong Kong.

Speaking at the Australasian Oil and Gas Conference (AOG) in Perth this week, Shell Australia Country Chair Andrew Smith described a recent inspection of the vessel at the Samsung Heavy Industries’ Geoje construction shipyard in South Korea.

At almost 1,640 feet (500 meters) long and 246 feet (75 meters) wide, Smith was impressed with the sheer size of the facility. He said to create this world-first level of innovation Shell had worked with several partners on the project, such as Samsung.

“The FLNG facility is currently under construction in South Korea in one of the only yards in the world big enough to construct a facility of this size,” Smith said.

“Beyond being an engineering feat this is a great example of how Australia can deepen its international business relationships to achieve results right here in Australia.”

Once moored at its site off the northwest coast of WA Shell, Australia expects Prelude FLNG to operate for up to 25 years and produce almost 3.6 million tonnes (Mt) of LNG each year, as well as more than 1.3Mt of condensate and 0.4Mt of LPG.

“Prelude’s LNG production would be more than enough to meet Hong Kong’s yearly natural gas demand,” Smith said.

Western Australia’s Minister for Mines and Petroleum Bill Marmion was just as impressed with the development. Marmion believes FLNG has a great future, both in Western Australia and internationally, because of the technology’s ability to unlock isolated resources like Prelude.

“Quite simply [FLNG] will be an unparalleled engineering achievement,” Marmion said at the AOG Conference.

“To have this world-first technology processing gas off the Western Australian coast will be truly remarkable.

“However, I do not want to see this technology used in place of developing Western Australia’s infrastructure and creating Western Australian jobs to access Western Australian resources.”

Due to the isolated nature of the resource Smith described Prelude as a “lonely gas” project - the closest port to the resource is at Broome 295 miles (475 kilometers) away.

Despite its remote location, Smith outlined several benefits that the project would deliver for Shell and WA. He said the facility required 50 percent less materials to construct and would result in about 90 percent less land and seabed disturbance when compared with an onshore project, leading to a significant reduction in development costs and environmental impact.

................ ... e/?pgNum=0

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Publié : 21 déc. 2014, 21:13
par energy_isere
Une vidéo de 7 minutes sur la construction de Prelude : ... den-voyage

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Publié : 21 déc. 2014, 21:23
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et une autre vidéo (3 mn) de la BBC, plus récente, avec l' équipement de Prélude. ... .VJcqasAFA
lien BBC du 17 dec 2014.

Dans l' image ci dessous c'est la pose d'un des modules de liquéfaction. 5000 tonnes soit plus de la moitié de la tour Eiffel soulevé et posé par les grues !

Re: L' usine de liquefaction de Gaz flottante PRELUDE

Publié : 14 avr. 2016, 20:58
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VIDEO - Champ gazier Prelude : les équipements sous-marins installés

Publié le 14/04/2016

Les équipements sous-marins qui contrôleront les futurs flux gaziers du champ Prelude sont désormais en place. Le français Technip a été sollicité pour leur installation à environ 200 km des côtes nord-ouest australiennes. ... ur-prelude

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Publié : 14 avr. 2016, 21:04
par energy_isere
et le bateau Prélude n'est plus une coque nue, ca s'équipe, et ça se passe au Royaume Unis :

Work To Build Giant Prelude Risers Starts In UK
Work To Build Giant Prelude Risers Starts In UK

Published at 02:47PM - 11/04/16 ... starts-uk/

Image ... ns3pc.html

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Publié : 06 juil. 2016, 18:12
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Le « FLNG Prelude » retardé d’un an pour des défauts de peinture

Publié le 06/07/2016

Le plus gros chantier offshore jamais réalisé à ce jour est décidément bien compliqué. Des défauts de peinture sur les citernes à ballast du FLNG Prelude ont été constatés lors d’inspections sur le chantier naval de Samsung en Corée et risquent fort de décaler d’un an l’installation au large de l’Australie de la plus grande usine flottante de liquéfaction de gaz naturel. ... e-peinture